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Домашнее задание по Географии

 Ex. 1  Fill in the gaps with the missing words given above, then listen and check
Transcontinental               continent         Europe   population ( 2 times)         native        across the whole of Europe                            land
hemisphere                   separated             heavily populated               outside Europe        major languages
 Mediterranean Sea     

 Europe’s ____land  is over 10 million square kilometers.
There are about 40 _____languages______ _________ spoken in Europe.
English is spoken _________ ______ __________ ________ ________.
It is ____________ from Asia by Ural Mountains.
Europe is a _____continent______ in the northern hemisphere.
Some European countries are ____transcontinental______________, for example Turkey and Russia.
To the south, ______mediterian sea_______ ______________ separates it from Africa.
Europe is a continent in the northern ________hemisphere_____ .
The biggest country in _______whole europe______ is Russia.
The ____europe__population_________ today is about 800 million. This is about 12% of the world’s _________ _____.
Russian language has the most _____native_____ speakers.
Europe is a ___heavy populated________ _____________ area.
Some European languages are spoken _______outside europe____ ____________.

New Vocabulary
Key Words
 hemisphere - полушарие
To  surround окружать; обступать

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